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Sarah von Doetinchem is a ceramic artist who creates unique and elegant vessels through a meticulous and handcrafted process. Her work is known for its striking use of color and natural forms inspired by nature.

As an art form, ceramics demands a delicate balance between creativity and precision. Each piece created is imbued with a unique character due to the tactile nature of the clay and the intricacies of the firing process. Her attention to detail and the quality of her craftsmanship ensure that no two pieces are ever the same.

Sarah von Doetinchem's education as a graphic designer in both London and New York laid the groundwork for her successful career and artistic vision. She gained a wealth of diverse experiences in two of the world's most vibrant and creative cities, which helped shape her approach to design.

After several years in London, Sarah moved to New York, where she transitioned into the publishing industry.  It was during her time in New York that Sarah gained a deep appreciation for entrepreneurship and innovation

Driven by her passion for design and her desire to create something truly unique, Sarah and her family founded, an online retailer of high-end beauty products, based in Hamburg, Germany. As a co-founder, Sarah was responsible for shaping the brand's aesthetic and design identity.

After working in the design industry for 20 years, Sarah decided to embark on a new creative journey in the world of ceramic arts. Ultimately, Sarah von Doetinchem's pieces are a testament to our ability to create beauty from the earth. Each piece she creates is a unique expression of her vision and skill, reflecting her inner world and the world around her.

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